With the scent of pine, merry music and smiles all around, we’re excited to celebrate the season in style! At Beauty Tribe we think it’s perfectly acceptable *wink wink* to throw in a few special gifts for yourself this holiday season.

Here are a few of our latest favs:


2016 Holiday Gift Guide


Beauty Tribe Jetset Hot Roller - Top off your holiday ensemble with lustrous curls that last all day long. Each roller heats-up in 8 seconds flat and the caps stay completely cool for an easy breezy hair routine.

Dior Ondel Sunglasses - Keep your eyes protected and travel in style with ultra-light mirrored sunglasses. Did you know that the Inuit people of the arctic have always protected their eyes from the damaging sun-rays and snow glare? Their material of choice for snow goggles - bone, ivory, wood or wait for it …. caribou antlers.

Cartier Baignoire Watch - A little sparkle goes a long way. A simple yet classic and elegant shape delicately framed with diamonds is a staple accessory in our book. Try switching out the wrist band and opt for one with a velvet finish to make it extra special.

SKII R.N.A Power Radical New Age - Keep hydrated no matter where you’re headed. As the name puts it, radical difference the next day. Nourished skin is happy skin.

Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder - Flawless skin that feels like your own. Try a bit of oil blotting paper and a touch of loose powder a few hours into your day to stay fresh and shine free.