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Hydrolizer - Cordless Spa Cap

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Until now traditional spa caps have been difficult to use and plug in types can be unsafe. That's why we created the Hydrolizer.

Our revolutionary, patent pending product solves these problems and can help you better manage hair damaged by winter weather, summer sun or over styling.

With this professional grade Cordless Spa Cap, in just 15 minutes our deep penetrating heat technology enhances conditioners and treatments to get you one step closer to softer, stronger more nourished healthy hair. The unit is equipped with worldwide voltage (100-240V) and its compact size means you can use it at home or when you are on the road.

Hydrolizer is ready to use on all hair types. Enjoy!

Features and Benefits


Unlike traditional spa caps which keep you tethered to a wall, our patent pending design is safer and cordless so you can deep condition your hair with ease.

 Fast Heat Up

Ready to use in just 5 minutes.

 Traveling Somewhere?

Our unit is dual voltage (100-240V) and packs in small spaces so you can use it at home or when you are on the road. We've got you covered, all you need is an adapter.


Compare the cost of Hydrolizer to one trip to the hair salon for a deep conditioning treatment, you'll see it pays for itself with just one use.

 Works with Any Concoction

Use it with your existing daily hair conditioner, deep conditioning mask or homemade concoction. The Cordless Spa Cap can be used on all hair types for both men and women.

 Ready When You Are

We've included 10 one size fits all elasticized disposable caps so you don't run out of supply when you need it the most.

 Wipe and Clean

Unique zippered battery compartment makes the unit easy to clean. When the surface is soiled simply take a slightly damp cloth over the surface, air dry and you're ready to stow it away.


Forget too cool or too hot, let's settle for just right. Our Cordless Spa Cap provides constant yet gentle heat, lifting the cuticles to allow for better conditioning and penetration.

A relaxing 15 minute set and a quick lukewarm or cool water rinse will make your hair feel nourished, soft and shiny.

What's Included

  • Hydrolizer - Cordless Spa Cap with adjustable string closure
  • Ready to use in 5 minutes
  • 10 one size fits all elasticized disposable caps
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Lithium Ion Battery Charger with LED indicator
  • Approximately 1 hour of total usage time
  • Charging time Approximately 6 hours
  • Battery compartment with zipper
  • Worldwide Voltage 100-240V (plug adapter not included)
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Patent Pending

Tips and Tutorials

  1. This unit may be used on all hair types.
  2. This unit may be used on slightly dry or damp hair.
  3. Use Cordless Spa Cap with your existing daily hair conditioner, deep conditioning mask or homemade concoction.
  4. Rinsing with cool water will help close the hair cuticle and tighten the hair shaft.
  5. Each individual's hair is different; adjust treatment type and usage frequency depending on your personal hair care needs.
  6. If you have a naturally oily scalp, focus on dispersing the conditioner over the cuticles where it is most damaged and avoid dispersing the conditioner throughout the entire head or directly onto the scalp.
  7. For detailed instructions on how to use the product, please download the Instruction Booklet



2 Review(s)

Customer Reviews

Silkier hair and cord free!
Overall Rating
Recently bought the plug in wall kind and had to return it because the cord switch kept digging into my back. Little did I know that this kind of cordless version actually existed. Now I can walk around and do whatever I want! The heat is just right for me and not too hot. My hair turns out just as good as when I go to the salon for a deep condition.
Changed my hair regimen
Overall Rating
I've been using a warm wrung out cloth turban to condition my naturally coarse hair but the turban never seems to stay warm long enough for me..... Tired of the hassle and came across this baby.

The heat is gentle and it leaves my hair soft and rejuvenated. Can't wait to keep using this for my weekly condition!

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Cordless Spa Cap - Color Black
Disposable Caps - Color Blue
Worldwide Voltage 100-240V - plug adapter not included
Power Cord Removable for battery charging purposes
Lithium Battery Charger Input AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Lithium Battery Output 8.4V 1A
Packaging 100% recycled paper
Storage Do not store in locations below -4°F (-20°C) or exceeding 140°F (60°C)
Safety Approval CE, CULUS
Limited Time Warranty 2 years
Patented Patent Pending
Design Designed to the specifications of Beauty Tribe®
Made In China