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Jetset Hot Roller - The Professional

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The Story

This innovative product uses a revolutionary patent heating mechanism which took years to develop in our lab.

Unlike conventional hot rollers which may be too hot to touch and time consuming to use, we have engineered something truly unique. The rollers are heat induced, resulting in faster and hotter optimum temperatures to curl hair while roller caps stay cool to the touch.

Jetset can help you create the perfect curl. Whether it’s tight spirals, big and voluminous, vintage, or even relaxed beach waves creating flawless curls is a piece of cake.

THE PROFESSIONAL set comes with 26 ROLLERS and is recommended for various hair lengths from short to long :

  • 1.75” x 4 rollers
  • 1.50” x 6 rollers
  • 1.25” x 8 rollers
  • 1.00” x 4 rollers
  • 0.85” x 4 rollers

Features and Benefits

 8 Second Heat Up

8 seconds to reach optimum temperatures using patented induction heat technology.

 Cool Touch Roller Caps

Patented cool touch roller caps for comfortable handling.

 Short Set Time and Longer Lasting Curls

Unique heat-up and cool down cycle creates healthier longer lasting curls in less time*

*Compared to non-induction hot rollers.

 Ionic & Ceramic

Velvety rollers with ionic and ceramic technology help smooth and shine hair.

 Optimum Temperature

Effective roller temperatures at for exceptional performance.


 Roller Assortment

Create infinite styles with 5 different roller sizes. Choose your combination of rollers from The Professional, The Volumizer or The Spiral models with different roller combinations.

The Professional - 26 Rollers

  • 1.75" x 4 rollers
  • 1.50" x 6 rollers
  • 1.25" x 8 rollers
  • 1.00" x 4 rollers
  • 0.85" x 4 rollers

The Volumizer - 16 Rollers

  • 1.75" x 4 rollers
  • 1.50" x 6 rollers
  • 1.25" x 6 rollers

The Spiral - 18 Rollers

  • 1.25" x 4 rollers
  • 1.00" x 10 roller
  • 0.85" x 4 rollers


Includes a pouch for easy storage and portability.

 Butterfly Clips and Wire Clips

Both included for an easy to use secure fit.

What’s Included

  • Induction heated Heater Base and Hot Rollers
  • Heater Base - ON/OFF Power Switch, Start Button and LED Indicator with sound system
  • Lightweight Velvety Cool Touch Ionic Rollers
  • Fast heat-up-rollers ready in 8 seconds
  • Maximum surface temperature of rollers is 266°F (130°C)
  • Easy to use Butterfly Clips and Wire Clips
  • Storage Pouch
  • Single Voltage 120 V
  • 5 foot stow-away removable power cord
  • Auto-off at 60 minutes
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Patented

Tips and Tutorials

  1. Be sure to let each curl completely cool prior to finger combing.
  2. Style and spray for long lasting curls.
  3. For tighter bouncier curls, wind smaller sections of hair.
  4. For loose, free-flowing curls, wind larger sections of hair.
  5. For softer curls or for fine hair, the rollers can be removed after 10 minutes.
  6. For volume at your roots, begin rolling your hair a few inches from your scalp, wrap the remaining hair around the roller and end by rolling down to your scalp.
  7. For more curl definition at your ends, start by wrapping the end of your strand around the roller first and then roll towards the scalp.
  8. For detailed instructions on how to use the product, please download the Instruction Booklet



5 Review(s)

Customer Reviews

Lady Loveys
Lady Loveys' Locks
Overall Rating
I LOVE these hot rollers. I try everything beauty and only review the truly outstanding. Beauty Tribe rollers are just that good. The clamps that hold the rollers hold tightly without damaging my hair. The curls last. You never touch anything hot. Follow the simple directions and you won't be disappointed.

I just wish I could have 5 more of the smallest rollers as my hair is long and I like a tighter curl.
Amazing curls!!!
Overall Rating
As a hair artist whether I am doing commercial work, on the road for a wedding or in my studio these are my go to hot rollers. Not only is the design absolutely perfect to fit on any station but for personal reasons you can bring it with you anywhere. The Jetset rollers do not take up all that space those old rollers did. Not only that but they heat up in a matter of seconds. Thankfully the textured finish to the roller allows the hair to be smoothly placed around the roller and keeps the hair from slipping off. I really love the Jetset for an added finish with my clients who like the that extra volume and bounce on the top. I can simply pop in a few rollers without having to heat an entire unit in no time whatsoever. There is no guessing if the hair has cooled because the rollers color dot will show you that it can be taken out.
I love these and better yet my clients are a big fan of them. The clips make it so easy and they see there is no fuss. I strongly recommend these Hot Rollers!(as a stylist and client) You will love them!!!
So many ways to curl
Overall Rating
Haven't used rollers in 15+ years but decided to upgrade and pamper myself. It has several different sizes so I can do different look depending on how I feel. It leaves my hair soft and silky and they warm up really quick.
Love these rollers
Overall Rating
I love these rollers!! I work at a hair salon and my clients always give me compliments when I create styles with these rollers.
Super easy to use. Only 8 seconds to warm up, easy to hold and roll. The rollers themselves look great with a nice design and quality materials.
I highly recommend this product to my clients and fellow hair stylists!
Perfect curls
Overall Rating
Always busy and on the go with clients as a stylist. Supper happy with my purchase~

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Color Black
Voltage 120VAC, 60Hz - plug adapter not included
Wattage 250-550W
Power Cord Removable
Rollers Wipe down with damp cloth
Butterfly Clips Wipe down with damp cloth
Wire Clips Wipe down with damp cloth
Storage Pouch Wipe down with damp cloth
Packaging 100% recycled paper
Safety Approval TUVus
Limited Time Warranty 2 years
Patented Yes
Design Designed to the specifications of Beauty Tribe®
Made In China