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Jetset Hot Roller - The Volumizer

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This innovative product uses a revolutionary patent heating mechanism which took years to develop in our lab.

Unlike conventional hot rollers which may be too hot to touch and time consuming to use, we have engineered something truly unique. The rollers are heat induced, resulting in faster and hotter optimum temperatures to curl hair while roller caps stay cool to the touch.

Jetset can help you create the perfect curl. Whether it’s tight spirals, big and voluminous, vintage, or even relaxed beach waves creating flawless curls is a piece of cake.

THE VOLUMIZER set comes with 16 ROLLERS and is recommended for various hair lengths from short to long:

  • 1.75” x 4 rollers
  • 1.50” x 6 rollers
  • 1.25” x 6 rollers

Features and Benefits

 8 Second Heat Up

8 seconds to reach optimum temperatures using patented induction heat technology.

 Cool Touch Roller Caps

Patented cool touch roller caps for comfortable handling.

 Short Set Time and Longer Lasting Curls

Unique heat-up and cool down cycle creates healthier longer lasting curls in less time*

*Compared to non-induction hot rollers.

 Ionic & Ceramic

Velvety rollers with ionic and ceramic technology help smooth and shine hair.

 Optimum Temperature

Effective roller temperatures at for exceptional performance.


 Roller Assortment

Create infinite styles with 5 different roller sizes. Choose your combination of rollers from The Professional, The Volumizer or The Spiral models with different roller combinations.

The Professional - 26 Rollers

  • 1.75" x 4 rollers
  • 1.50" x 6 rollers
  • 1.25" x 8 rollers
  • 1.00" x 4 rollers
  • 0.85" x 4 rollers

The Volumizer - 16 Rollers

  • 1.75" x 4 rollers
  • 1.50" x 6 rollers
  • 1.25" x 6 rollers

The Spiral - 18 Rollers

  • 1.25" x 4 rollers
  • 1.00" x 10 roller
  • 0.85" x 4 rollers


Includes a pouch for easy storage and portability.

 Butterfly Clips and Wire Clips

Both included for an easy to use secure fit.

What’s Included

  • Induction heated Heater Base and Hot Rollers
  • Heater Base - ON/OFF Power Switch, Start Button and LED Indicator with sound system
  • Lightweight Velvety Cool Touch Ionic Rollers
  • Fast heat-up-rollers ready in 8 seconds
  • Maximum surface temperature of rollers is 266°F (130°C)
  • Easy to use Butterfly Clips and Wire Clips
  • Storage Pouch
  • Single Voltage 120 V
  • 5 foot stow-away removable power cord
  • Auto-off at 60 minutes
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Patented

Tips and Tutorials

  1. Be sure to let each curl completely cool prior to finger combing.
  2. Style and spray for long lasting curls.
  3. For tighter bouncier curls, wind smaller sections of hair.
  4. For loose, free-flowing curls, wind larger sections of hair.
  5. For softer curls or for fine hair, the rollers can be removed after 10 minutes.
  6. For volume at your roots, begin rolling your hair a few inches from your scalp, wrap the remaining hair around the roller and end by rolling down to your scalp.
  7. For more curl definition at your ends, start by wrapping the end of your strand around the roller first and then roll towards the scalp.
  8. For detailed instructions on how to use the product, please download the Instruction Booklet



9 Review(s)

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating
I love the rollers. Super easy to use. My hair feels the lightest and sexiest ever.
Overall Rating
Complete hot roller neophyte here. Just had my first play session with these this morning and the set was incredibly intuitive to use. Placement was quick and I loved that I could multitask makeup, breakfast, and coffee while they set. The waves are soft and beautiful with great movement. I have received many compliments and just generally feel like I am rocking the eye of the tiger with this hair. HIGHLY recommend.
Love at first use
Overall Rating
Happy find. I have tried other rollers, even the velcro kind in the past but these do such a great job and I fell in love with them immediately, It really makes my coarser naturally curly hair shine, At the end I do use a light spritz of hair spray like they suggest to set the look. One of the benefits is that even the next day I still have some wave after sleeping on it all night and don't have to re-do my hair again.
HOT but the caps do stay COOL!
Overall Rating
Seasoned hot roller user here. I've tried many hot rollers in the past and had decent results but this set is by far the best I've EVER had!!

1) Temperature is perfect for my fine hair. I think the soft surface actually protects my hair rather than searing it.
2) Like that it comes with both kinds of clips. I like the wire clips since they don't leave marks which I have always always have had issue with. For coarse hair I think the other clips would work nicely,
3) BEST PART the caps really stay cool. I was so thrilled that someone actually figured this one out!! Where have you been all these years?
4) Bonus. Looks great on my bathroom counter. Usually keep the charging base (?) out since I use it 2-3 times a week.

1) The set is expensive but ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT since I don't have to go buy additional rollers which can get really expensive.
Found my go-to roller set
Overall Rating
Been hunting for a great roller set and didn't have much luck till I found these. Some have either just metal clips or just have plastic so I'm happy they have both so I can choose. Personally I've always liked metal clips. Also other rollers take way too long to heat-up when I'm in a rush.

I was a bit skeptical that the caps would still get hot but I was amazed that they actually didn't and the best part is that I get some really nice body and wave without having that over done look.

I'm giving it 4 stars because even though I have plenty of rollers now, I wish they sold extra rollers in case I decide I want other roller sizes in the future instead of having to buy a whole new set.
Very Happy I replaced my old rollers with JETSET
Overall Rating
I have always liked the results hot rollers, but I hardly ever used them because I was using 2 old sets with cracked lids that took 25 minutes to really heat up. This, plus the time to roll my hair and let them cool was time consuming and results varied. (My hair is long, with layers and curly.) When I use Jetset rollers, the results are consistent, take significantly less time and results last several days.

PROS: Fast heat up, Butterfly clips (holds everything perfectly in place), Great roller size assortment, and easy to use (have never burned my fingers like I have with other rollers.). It's a minor point, but I like that it comes in a train case. The set stays neat and organized and I can tuck away easily.
CONS: I agree with another review, they aren't inexpensive, but results are worth it. I'd rather have 1 great set, than several ok sets.
Polished curls every time
Overall Rating
Heard about these after complimenting my pharmacists loose bouncy curls. Love the size of the curlers. Just the right size for my medium length hair plus there are plenty of them to go around depending on the look I'm going for. Some days I leave them in till totally cool, or short like 10 minutes. Love that I get that polished look every time. Would highly recommend~~~
Viva Volume
Overall Rating
I've have been wanting to replace my old ratty roller set and discovered these!

My hair is straight and fine and I have a hard time getting volume (sigh) especially on top without spending lots of time blow drying. On most days I just use a few large rollers on top and on the sides, let sit for about 10 mins and VIOLA VIVA VOLUME!
Really fast! Easy for amatuers.
Overall Rating
My stylist recommended this product to me. I don't usually curl my hair but during the holidays I had a sudden urge to. Since I don't have much experience using the curling iron, she recommended hot rollers for me. It took a little bit of practice at first, but I like that I can get nice curls even without having the rollers on perfect. It heats up really fast!! Which is cool.
My hair is collar bone length - I usually use the 1.75” and 1.50” rollers for a natural look.
Gave it 4 stars not 5 because it's kind of pricey.

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Color Black
Voltage 120V, 60Hz - plug adapter not included
Wattage 250-550W
Power Cord Removable
Rollers Wipe down with damp cloth
Butterfly Clips Wipe down with damp cloth
Wire Clips Wipe down with damp cloth
Storage Pouch Wipe down with damp cloth
Packaging 100% recycled paper
Safety Approval TUVus
Limited Time Warranty 2 years
Patented Yes
Design Designed to the specifications of Beauty Tribe®
Made In China